Casting Processes


Simulation of Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC) via STAR-Cast

Enhanced simulation of mold filling for LPDC-processes is based on STAR-Cast’s multiphase approach, which takes account of controlled gas inlet pressure curves. An easy- to- use, die-cycle warm-up menu enables accurate calculation of initial temperature distribution in the die. STAR-Cast also provides a full range of boundary definitions aimed at simulation of a range of different air outlet techniques.

Left: Temperature-coupled mold-filling of a tire rim for a first-guess pressure inlet curve: the fast rise of pressure leads to air-entrapment and air bubble formation.

Right: The modified pressure curve prevents air inclusions during mold filling.

In LPDC casting processes, mold filling is determined by the controlled gas pressure inlet curve for the crucible chamber. Star-Cast is able to simulate the controlled gas pressure at a predefined position of the gas inlet, and thus the pneumatic dumping effect of the gas volume in the crucible chamber on mold filling. This feature allows to optimize the pressure curve according to a given casting geometry ensuring non turbulent mold filling with minimized free melt surface for the shortest possible filling time.