Casting Processes


Simulation of Tilt Die Casting via STAR-Cast

The transient user-defined tilt curve precisely determines the mold filling procedure for tilt die casting processes. STAR-Cast takes account of acceleration and deceleration acting on the melt, which might result in undesired mold-filling behaviour. The graphical user interface provides easy-to-define die cycle warm-up and tilt curve.


Enhanced simulation of mold filling and solidification in tilt die casting processes relies on STAR-Cast’s multiphase approach, taking into account the gas atmosphere in the mold cavity. STAR-Cast also provides a full range of boundary definitions aimed at simulation of all common air outlet techniques. For accurate and sharp capturing of the filling front, STAR-Cast provides the HRIC algorithm (High Resolution Interface Capturing). The prediction of misrun formation is based on STAR-Cast’s unique, fully-coupled computational continuum mechanics approach. Only this combination can enable concurrent computation of fluid flow, temperature and liquid-solid transition.