Software Features


The material database STAR-Cast mat for casting simulation with STAR-Cast

The precision of casting simulation results depends to a high degree on the quality and completeness of the required material data. For this reason, a dedicated material data base is key to assuring quality of simulation: the data stored in STAR-Cast mat are certified and qualified according to an internal documentation scheme. Integration of data documentation into casting simulation reports is easy. Searches for and retrieval of data stored in STAR-Cast mat is executed via the GUI, which combines easy use with access to full information about datasets. Straightforward data export allows you to assemble the material dataset appropriate to the simulation problem posed and to transfer this dataset to STAR-Cast.



For every material included in STAR-Cast mat, all the data you need to run a casting process simulation successfully is provided. For each physical property a dataset is indicated as recommended for a simulation. Straightforward export of both the recommended data and individually chosen datasets feeds the STAR-Cast simulation. The user can see who originated the data. Measurement reports and micrographs of specimens are stored in the database in pdf format and can be opened by double click. A unique dataset number is assigned to each set of physical property data. This allows direct access to a specific dataset via this number, including its documented source. A separate window allows you to compare up to five datasets belonging to the same physical property. There are three classes or domains of material data in STAR-Cast mat

  • LICENSED DATA: Data are accessible to the licensee. The goal is to provide data sets for the most frequently posed problems. Data are certified and qualified according to the documentation scheme in STAR-Cast mat.

  • PROPRIETARY DATA: Private and confidential data belonging to individual owners. This data is either provided by ACCESS as a service for customers or made available by the owner himself. Access to this data is restricted to the data owner and to ACCESS operating the database builder. Data is certified and qualified according to the documentation scheme of STAR-Cast mat.

  • USER-DEFINED DATA: STAR-Cast users are able to generate their own datasets (upon their own responsibility).