Software Features


Automated shell generation (ASG) for investment casting simulation using STAR-Cast

Realistic modeling of dipping-type ceramic shell molds is crucial to accurate simulation of investment casting processes. STAR-Cast provides a high-performance tool for calculating the outer surface of the virtual shell in close correlation to the real shape of the mold. The user-defined input parameter is the mean shell thickness. The growth and final thickness of the virtual mold are a function of local surface curvature. Animation: Automated shell generation for a turbo-charger wheel using the ASG tool: The calculated final mold surface corresponds to the real ceramic shell. The ASG tool can be operated via the STARCCM+ mesh generator, launched in the STAR-Cast GUI. Shell generation starts from a STL-formatted surface mesh of the casting cluster. Calculation of shell growth is executed in layers, analogous to the actual dipping process. Convex surface regions have thinner layers, while concave region layers are thicker. The user can set two parameters to control convex/concave growth characteristics. Moreover, ASG can be applied to generate wrappings of ceramic shell molds. Especially in the case of complex geometries and large structural parts, ASG achieves the efficient creation of shell molds.